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Keynote Speaker: Xu Bing

Book from the Sky to Book from the Ground

Keynote Speaker: Xu Bing
Leading contemporary artist

Sunday, 22 Apr 2012
From 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Shanghai Gallery of Art , 3rd Floor, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai

Introduction for Xu Bing

Xu Bing is one of China’s most important contemporary artists as well as a prominent figure in the international contemporary art world. The works on view at SGA is a continuation of Xu’s longstanding interest in the relationship between symbol, text and meaning.

In this lecture, the artist will trace the conceptual development of these themes starting with his groundbreaking, Book from the Sky (1987-1991) for which the artist single handedly invented over 3000 new Chinese characters, through his New English Calligraphy Series (1994- ), which morphs English words into Chinese characters, to the development of Book from the Ground. This talk will reveal the mechanisms behind Xu Bing’s creative process and show the evolution of this extraordinary artist’s vision.

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