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Dr. Will Tuttle

The World Peace Diet Health Harmony Innovation Sharing

Dr. Will Tuttle
Co-founder of World Peace Diet Project PhD degree-University of California, Berkeley, focused on educating intuition

Friday, 19 May 2017
Shanghai Gallery of Art (3F, Three on the Bund)

Dr. Tuttle's book "The World Peace Diet" has been praised as  one of the greatest books of the twenty-first Century". It was ranked top 1 in the Amazon bestseller list in 2010 and has now been translated into 16 languages. The book elaborates and analyzes the value of dietary change from a variety of angles and levels in order to achieve a vision of world peace.. It thus calls for our spiritual and cultural change, which must begin with food. To understand the antecedents and consequences of food selection, for us today, is more important than ever.
As citizens of the earth, we can make the right choices for the peace and harmony of the world, and love of life. By choosing a vegetarian diet, we humans will be able to regain our natural sensitivity to living things. Our earth will be okay, competition with others will stop and our snobbish hearts will melt, when we stop hunting of marine lives stop polluting and wasting water. If we are within the realm of peace, goodness, joy and unity, our planet will also reflect our consciousness and be a place of compassion.
On May 19th, Dr. Tuttle and Dr. Yu will share their vision on “Word Peace Diet” in Shanghai as their first tour of speech in 2017.