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Ms Bo Meng

Bridging Divides through Systemic change and Tri-sector Collaboration

Ms Bo Meng
Deputy Dean of School of Public and Management, Tsinghua University

Friday, 08 Jul 2016
From 3pm-5pm, registration starts at 2:30pm
Space by Three, 1F, No.3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai

Fueled by the driving forces of globalization, the dependence and integration between political, economic and social fields around the world is increasing, which brings systematic challenges with higher levels of complexity and uncertainty to economic, social and ecological development in China, especially result in growing ecological, social and economic divides. To bridge the three divides requires cross sector cooperation and coordination. The latest “13th Five Year Plan” clearly stated to firmly establish and implement innovation, coordination, green growth, opening up and inclusive development concepts, this provides significant guidance for bridging the three divides. To have a profound understanding of this guidance and explore cross sector solutions requires leaders to engage with the whole system and whole human being, become true “system leaders” who learning from the emerging future, catalyze collaboration for systemic change in government, business, academia and social sectors. 

Developed by action researchers at MIT, the Presencing Institute and the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), the awareness-based systems change methods and tools like Theory U and system thinking build on MIT’s tradition of learning by doing and China’s deep cultural tradition of inner cultivation as a gateway for leadership excellence. Over the past three decades, these methods and tools have been ground-tested in large -scale change projects across sectors and cultures. In China, collaborated by MIT Sloan, School of Public and Management of Tsinghua University and GiTi Group UID Foundation, system thinking and Theory U have made frontier exploration and practice with government, business and universities, which achieved positive feedback and preliminary results. Tsinghua University is planning to set up “U School for system leadership”, which will carry out further researches and practices in China, thus support China to become the world leader in this field.

This THREE Talk will be co-chaired by Ms. Bo Meng, Associate Dean for development and international cooperation of the School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM), Tsinghua University and Ms. Cherie Liem, Chair of Three on the Bund, invites Dr. Peter Senge, founder of learning organization, Dr. Otto Scharmer, founder of Theory U, Mr. David Capodilupo, Executive Director of International Initiatives of MIT and Mr. Xu Aihua, Section Chief of Policy & Regulation Dept of Shanghai Development & Reform Committee to discuss how to bridge ecological, social and spiritual divides by putting together cross sector collaboration and wisdom, as well as co-sensing and co-creating at different levels and areas.