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Shaun Rein

The End of Copycat China - China Book Launch The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia

Shaun Rein
Founder and Managing Director of the China Market Research Group (CMR)

Monday, 25 Apr 2016
From 3pm-5pm, registration starts at 2:30pm
Space by Three, 1F, No.3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai

Mr. Shaun Rein is the author of several international best-selling business books. One of his successful works "The End of Cheap China" was named as one of the top 10 business books for 2012 by Publisher Weekly. As a frequent guest on world renowned business channels and a columnist for influential international publications, Mr. Rein is often featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Financial Times and Bloomberg. Mr. Rein has formerly taught executive education classes for the London Business School and the company founded by him – CMR is a world-leading strategic market intelligence and consulting firm focused on China market and is working closely with Fortune 500 and SMEs.

Based on researching reports of more than 50,000 consumers and long-term observation on China market, as well as interviews with leaders in various fields such as SY Lau - Sr. Executive VP of Tencent, Peggy Liu - Founder of JUCCCE, and Richard Liu - Founder of, the author of “The End of Copycat China” not only presented an insightful analysis on the three phases of China’s economic development but also predicted the main trend of the development of China’s economy in the next 10 years. "You will be pleasantly surprised by the author's fluency, and the ‘teachable moments' that arise from his writings" according to a review from the Financial Times. The South China Morning Post also commented on the book by mentioning "plenty of insight here for the pragmatic businessman".